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Resveratrol On Skin Blocks Skin Damage Before It Starts!

UVB sun rays cause 90% of all skin damage and 90% of visible signs of skin aging – wrinkles, blotches, dry and saggy skin. YOUTHFUL ALLURE™ with resveratrol blocks skin damage and reverses visible signs of skin aging – fine line wrinkles, and dry, sagging skin.

Amazing Discovery! Resveratrol Blocks Skin Damage
In a study at the University of Wisconsin, researchers applied resveratrol to the hairless skin of mice and then shone strong UVB rays on their skin. Resveratrol BLOCKED the development of skin damage.

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Scientists say…
Resveratrol delivers strong preventive effects against skin damage caused by exposure to UVB rays and this is relevant to human skin…
FASEB J. 2005 Jul;19(9):1193-5. Epub 2005 Apr 18.

Resveratrol protected skin even when it was applied before or after UVB exposure. Resveratrol helped boost the normal mechanism that gets rid of damaged skin cells.

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Resveratrol on skin blocks skin damage before it gets started.

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